Spares and Accessories for Lotus cars can be difficult to obtain
and usually expensive.

On a regular basis we obtain, in bulk, different
difficult-to-obtain parts for Lotus Cars.

Esprit Engineering are now stockists of K&N filters for all Lotus models from early Elans to the latest Elise induction kit known as the 7i kit.

These improve engine breathing and only need cleaning every 30,000 miles or so of hard driving and never need replacing.

Esprit Engineering - repairs and servicing for Lotus, MGF and Porsche - Lotus Esprit Alloy Fuel Tank


Available for the Elise are the replacement panel filter or the 57i kit. For the Esprit a panel replacement filter or 2 bolt-on separate units. For the Elan the M100 replacement element and for early Elan (68 to 73 years) bolt-on units.

We can order any of the K&N filter range for any make or model of car.

Basically, some great deals on K&N filters !


Turbo G Car Coolant Header Tank


Elise Janspeed Exhaust Stainless Steel Sports System Janspeed Exhaust Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust System £330.00
Esprit Headlight Surrounds Lotus Esprit Replacement Headlight Surrounds £100.00 a set
Esprit SE Header Tank Lotes Esprit Replacement SE Header Tank £285.00
Esprit Dash Lotus Esprit Replacement Dash Lotus Esprit Replacement Dash Board £250.00
Elise Koni Shocks £110.00 each
Esprit High Spec. Alloy Tank with internal baffels £380.00
Esprit Replacement Driving Lights (supplied with plastic mounting ring £ 53.00 each
Esprit Replacement Outer Lights £ 44.00 each
Esprit Turbo and n/a panel replacement K&N air filter £ 42.75
Esprit Manual Steering Rack (Brand New) £ 200.00
Esprit Re-conditioned Water Pumps £ 75.00
Elan Early Dellorto carbs K&N air filters £ 83.00 (pair)
Elan Early Webers/Strombergs K&N air filters £ 80.00 (pair)

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