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The latest products from Esprit Engineering :

Jan speed Exhaust for the 1987/89 carb turbo (Stevens shape)

Made by Janspeed these stainless steel exhausts fit extremely well. Fitted with one single straight through silencer they unlock power but are not unbearable on motorways , they are well made and supplied with a stainless steel band clamp for the tail pipe allowing adjustment for the rear valance.

Janspeed is known around the world for quality systems.

They have a lifetime guarantee

Cost £ 335.00 plus vat

Stainless steel Radiator Frame

Remanufactured Stainless steel radiator frames replaces old rusty frames also available a 3 fan conversion to replace the original fans and gantry. These fad units are robust (not to be confused with cheaper alternatives) comes with stainless fitting straps.

Radiator frame on its own £ 145.00 plus vat

3 Fan conversion set will fit old mild steel frame as well £ 250.00

Can be supplied with an updated radiator as an assembly ready to fit.


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